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Be Bold, be humble

You have a need to get your key managers on board the company’s goals and objectives.
Maybe you’re not sure what that is or should be? Perhaps you want involvement and people
to own the process?The most important people need to be more accountable and responsible.
Everyone needs to be self motivated, productive and on-board.



A Visioning and Strategic plan is the starting point for any business wanting to gain strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace.
It clarifies motive and intention, gets buy-in from your key managers and staff, and affects key areas in your business:

  • How you serve your customers,
  • Your financial plans,
  • Internal policies and procedures,
  • Learning and growth to capacitate your team.

This will influence targeted marketing, brand identity, success planning and having plans/ policies/procedures in place to making decision making simpler.



Every organisation needs the right managers and supervisors achieve their plans.
Effective managers and supervisors know how to plan, organise, lead, motivate, control, assess and evaluate.
The right management and supervision is the difference between great performance and productivity and failure.

  • They manage the key resources of the organisation.
  • People skills matter.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Communication and team work does.


Most managers believe that people are their greatest asset. They may recognise the contributions of staff to organisation results, which is good; but they may not equally recognise that people are also a company’s great liability.

People are difficult to ‘fix’. And there are umpteen quick fix recipes on how to change people. The truth is we can :

  • Hire right.
  • Train right.
  • Exit right.

The right people, the right match, self motivated, passionate, capable staff make the difference.

I Facilitate Change By Helping Teams …

  • To formulate, implement and measure the right strategic plans and steps to help your organisation gain competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • To plan for the future, get key players involved and get ‘loose ends tight’.
  • Identify gaps in management and supervision.
  • Train and develop targeted managers and supervisors.
  • Consider effective and sustained ways to performance.
  • To identify ‘right people’ and gaps; tailor make customise training and learning programmes for effectiveness.
  • Consider promotion, succession planning, mentoring and coaching options for your company needs..

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