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  • Knowledgeable and Skilled
  • Personal Integrity and Honesty
  • Long working experience in various industries
  • Committed to the subject matter I teach
  • Will always seek first to understand, and therefore recommend the right solution for your business interests
  • An entrepreneur and risk taker
  • Flexible
17 Years


Anil Salick is a professional facilitator, speaker and consultant. He is also the founder and managing member of Synergistic Outcomes. With more than 20 years experience in personal, professional and organisational development, Anil expresses his talents through leading, facilitation, speaking engagements, training, consulting and writing. Anil inspires others to be agents of change, possibility, open-mindedness, progression – who take responsibility in spite of limitations, setbacks or excuses.



Anil has worked with companies and governments in South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Swaziland, Uganda and Lesotho.



Praised as an outstanding teacher and facilitator, Anil embodies patience, wisdom, humour, wit, understanding, sincerity and challenges participants to grow and explore beyond present tense. His step by step, sequential yet creative, intellectual yet emotional facilitation equips delegates to reason, reflect and make better choices.



Anil has many diverse interests. Home and family are most dear to his heart. He enjoys working out at the gym, reading, writing, critical thinking, humanism, personal growth, fishing, boxing, owning racehorses and travel. Behind the confident, sure and fun presenter is a deep thinker who can be both spontaneous and cautious.

Recent References for Anil …


  1. Letter of Reference – Chemistry, Prof Bisetty
  2. Letter of Reference – Physics Dept, DUT
  3. Letter of Reference – Food & Nutrition, DUT
  4. Letter of Reference – Maths, DUT, Prof Lorton
  5. Letter of Reference – Statistics, DUT

Recent Praise And Feedback for Anil …

  • What a marvellous course and a presentation. I can recommend Anil, he is worthy. Very good at what he does and very organised
  • He is very good with his job, passionate at what he is doing
  • Very committed and very motivational. He makes me feel that I want to be a better person and that I want to be more motivated and committed to my future
  • Knowledgeable, wants you to think for yourself, encouraging
  • Very clear speaker, knows what he is talking about, skilled and experienced in his work, influential, positive and focused
  • He is a researcher, he knows what he facilitates. He’s got examples and which books to read for references
  • He knows what he is doing, he is the expert
  • He is an excellent teacher
  • Well knowledgeable man
  • The facilitator shown love and joy in the course which I found contagious. It rubbed off on me
  • The facilitator is a good man, he knows what he is talking about
  • What I can say is that he is what he is presenting/facilitating
  • Well presented, had open our mind, eyes and ears. Wishing to have some more training from him. Thank you
  • A nice gentleman who has been all over the country. Someone who knows and explains what he is teaching without looking in the book
  • He has great personality, makes the course very interesting. Speaks with expression and engages most of the time with students
  • He is a good facilitator; he helped me into seeing things more clearly. Good communication skills
  • Talks well and really simplify to detail and makes one understand. Does not rush, makes sure everybody is on the same page at all times
  • Anil, what a good man he is, he has got everything. He is a motivational speaker I guess but the way he talks, there is no reason not to listen to him

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