Strategy drives tactics. Tactics reflect strategy. Keep on top!


What’s your vision? Do you have a strategy and plan to get there? Is your team committed?

I work with executives, heads of departments, business owners and teams to help them plan, implement and measure smart strategies. I make strategy simple and understandable, and I get your team members involved and on-board.

20 years experience, 250 organisations, 11 African countries – business is an extension of my passion. I enjoy critical thinking, leadership, people, science, progress, history, the future and being informed. I go the extra mile. Allow me to partner with you to create something great and amazing. I believe I have expertise and value that can help you.

Feel free to contact me for tailor made solutions… 

Areas Of Expertise …

Helping companies gain competitive advantage by planning, implementing and evaluating smart strategies.
Train first line managers to plan, organise, lead, control, assess and delegate. Let them manage organisational resources and goals effectively and efficiently.
Do you have right people in right jobs? Who are your top, average and poor performers? Use profiling and assessments…
Looking for something unconventional for a convention, or a team build session? Let me show you what value I can add.